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AFC 32 is an extremely versatile and functional unit that plays a very important role in the PyroDigiT system. It is in fact the control device of the AFS ignition system, and it is in turn controlled by a Master. It represents the link between the main and the secondary network.

This unit provides power supply to the connected firing devices of the secondary network, verifies their status, and allows you to perform useful advanced tests during the setup phase of the show. The possibility to perform advanced tests for each subnet let you verify (already during the setup) the correctness of the connections, simplifying and speeding up the subsequent test phases from the Master controller.

On the main network, however, the AFC 32 sends to the Master controller the status of the firing devices on the secondary network, making the system flexible and modular.

This unit can control up to a maximum of 32 AFS. During the normal operation phase it supplies to AFS a 12 V power supply, while during the show execution phase it rises the supply up to 24 V.

AFC 32 can also be used as the main controller unit for the execution of automatic or semi-automatic displays.



Main Functions:

  • Control up to 32 AFS units.
  • Possible operative Modes : Master Node, Bridge and Automatic.
  • ID Assigning to the AFS.
  • Function of monitoring the devices status in real time.
  • Advanced functions of Testing and Cues Verification.
  • Bilingual Menu: English (default) + Italian or French, German, or Spanish depending on the customer.


  • Graphic LED-backlit display (20x4).
  • Double bidirectional RS-485 interface: to the main and the secondary network.
  • Connector for seria RS-232 interface. 
  • XLR Neutrik Connectors:
    • Main Network: 2 x 4 pin connectors female RS-485 to the main network, 1 x 4 pin connectors male for recharging internal battery and external battery of emergency, 1 x 7 pin connectors female for auxiliary connections.
    • Secondary Network: 5 x 4 pin connectors female for RS-485 connection to the firing devices of the secondary network.
  • Function buttons.
  • Fire buttons.
  • Firing Voltage: 24 Vdc.
  • External Lamp.
  • LED status indicators.
  • ARM Key.
  • Protection fuse of AFS.
  • 2 x Rechargeable Lead Battery 12V, 7.2 Ah
  • Autonomy:
    • Operative: 48 h
    • Standby: 48 h 
  • Weight: 7,80 Kg
  • External Dimensions W x H x D (cm): 27 x 24,6 x 17,4 cm
  • Color: Black