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Starter Package is the promotional package for those who want to start using our PyroDigiT firing system. It is indicated for those companies who would like to aquire a firing system suitable for the realization of small pyrotechnical displays and/or displays with musical accompaniment.

Starter Package includes:

1 x Master MC 960 S

1 x AFC S

2 x μSM15+

1 x DAP - Digital Audio Player

1 x Software PyroShow Light

1 x Charger 1

1 x Cavo WIRE 485M/2

2 x Cavo WIRE 485M/25

1 x Cavo WIRE 485/100

1 x Program Interface USB-RS485


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01MC 960 S is the control unit of the Starter Package. This differs from the basic model MC 960 only in the maximum number of controllable units. The limit is 16 firing units .

Thanks to the use of the external Digital Audio Player, this unit can be used for the execution of musical accompaniments and pyromusical displays.  Even though is an Entry level unit, it maintains all the features of reliability, security and performance of the other PyroDigiT control units.












AFC S is a controller of AFS units, similar to the AFC 32, with some important differences.The main one is the limit of controllable units: AFC S controls and supplies up to 8 AFS units. It represents the link between the main and the secondary network like the AFC 32 but it doesn't monitor the devices status and does not allow you to perform advanced tests. It supplies AFS with 12 V during normal operations and with 24 V during the show execution. It can't be used as a main controller for the execution of automatic or semi-automatic displays.













DAP, Digital Audio Player, is an audio player with RS-485 interface. It can be used with MC 960 or MC 960 S controller in order to perform small pyromusical displays or fireworks shows with musical accompaniment. It plays audio files in Wave Stereo format.

One of its main features is the possibility to be connected at considerable distances from the control unit. The audio player should be placed in the core network and connected to the controller via a serial connection through XLR connectors. It can also be connected using a Radio Modem connection.