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pyrodigit networkThis article shows an interactive scheme which introduces the PyroDigit firing system and explains all the firing units connections. 

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The name of the new software of PyroDigiT is not casual, in fact Revolution reflects exactly the changing in the philosophy of the display design, but this news doesn't have to alarm the old pyrodesigners. In fact, after few hours of use of the software the user has to worry only about the aesthetics of the display, any other calculation will be treated by Revolution.

PyroShow Revolution

PyroShow Revolution is the design software for fireworks displays which allows to transform into reality the imagination and creativity of the pyrodesigner. 

Considered as the central figure in the displays design, the pyrodesigner can realize spectacular choreographies in a very simple and immediate way by using numerous available fonctions. The user multitrack interface, the double time line and the 2D simulator support the user during the planning and creation of fireworks displays perfectly synchronized with music. Thanks to the strong relation between PyroDigiT software and hardware, the creation of complex choreographies is more quick and intuitive.

SetupPyroDigiT is the most advanced firing system equipped with a line of products designed and developped for the realization of spectacular pyrotechnic choreographies in a very simple, fast and clean way. The search for perfection in each of our products and the perfect symbiosis between Software and Hardware, stimulated the creation of an extremely reliable and safe firing system. Now our professional system allows to perform every type of event, from traditional shows which are manually executed to more complex displays which are structured on many different firing positions.

The pyrodesigner is assisted at every step of the show.

The display configuration is performed by using our PyroShow Revolution software. Conceived, designed and developed to take advantage of the properties and characteristics of each unit of the PyroDigiT system, the PyroShow Revolution represents the natural evolution of the previous PyroShow. Completely rewritten and updated, it represents a revolution in the displays' design. A multitracks user interface, an automatic recognition of musical markers, a firing Arena to place numerous firing stations, an automatic engine for the allocation of fireworks' effects, developped for the AFS management (PLS15E/70P+PLS30E/45P+ and CLS30E+), allow the pyrodesigner to optimize the design time and does not put limits on his creativity. An integrated 2D Simulator let check whether the show configuration has been done correctly.