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SetupPyroDigiT is the most advanced firing system equipped with a line of products designed and developped for the realization of spectacular pyrotechnic choreographies in a very simple, fast and clean way. The search for perfection in each of our products and the perfect symbiosis between Software and Hardware, stimulated the creation of an extremely reliable and safe firing system. Now our professional system allows to perform every type of event, from traditional shows which are manually executed to more complex displays which are structured on many different firing positions.

The pyrodesigner is assisted at every step of the show.

The display configuration is performed by using our PyroShow Revolution software. Conceived, designed and developed to take advantage of the properties and characteristics of each unit of the PyroDigiT system, the PyroShow Revolution represents the natural evolution of the previous PyroShow. Completely rewritten and updated, it represents a revolution in the displays' design. A multitracks user interface, an automatic recognition of musical markers, a firing Arena to place numerous firing stations, an automatic engine for the allocation of fireworks' effects, developped for the AFS management (PLS15E/70P+PLS30E/45P+ and CLS30E+), allow the pyrodesigner to optimize the design time and does not put limits on his creativity. An integrated 2D Simulator let check whether the show configuration has been done correctly.

Once the show design has been completed, the display can be prepared. The PyroShow Revolution software generates, in automatic mode, reports and labels for the preparation of the pyrotechnic equipment. These include reports for the preparation of specific devices for single shots: PLS15E/70P+ and PLS30E/45P+. Reports and labels are customizable from each user in order to satisfy every type of need.

Report PLSReport PLSReport μSM15+

During the preparation of any type of display, a detailed and simple documentation is essential for a good performance of the pyrotechnic show. The use of clear and simple labels ensure a proper firing units connection.

As already mentioned, the main distinctive feature of our PyroDigiT system is the presence of a line of products designed and developped for the realization of spectacular pyrotechnic choreographies. These choreographies give the right rhythm to the display, beat the time and make the show unique. Everything is possible thanks to the use of our PLS15E/70P+PLS30E/45P+ and CLS30E+. The configuration of shows which employ a lot of single shots is performed in a very fast and simple way, minimizing human error during the connections. Our devices are in fact equipped with an integrated electronics management and retaining springs. Racks are characterized by adjustable directional holders which allow to create many choreographies. Moreover the use of CLS30E+ let you create spectacular effects at 360° unique in the pyrotechnics panorama.

Each firing unit is controlled by a controller unit called Master. This control unit represents the direction of our firing system through which you can monitor the devices' status, verify the right cues connection and manage the execution of the show maintaining a bi-directional unit control. Our PyroDigiT system foresees a main core network and one or more secondary networks. Each network has its own control unit. In the main network, the control unit is a Master which directly communicates with Slave and AFC 32 units. In secondary networks, the role of controller is carried out by the AFC 32 and the controlled devices are the AFS. The AFC 32 is an essential unit which represents the main link between the AFS and the MasterBeing a control unit it provides the supply power to the AFS, monitor the status and performs advanced tests.


The following video summarizes the philosophy and the way of working with our PyroDigiT system.