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PyroShow Revolution

PyroShow Revolution is the design software for fireworks displays which allows to transform into reality the imagination and creativity of the pyrodesigner. 

Considered as the central figure in the displays design, the pyrodesigner can realize spectacular choreographies in a very simple and immediate way by using numerous available fonctions. The user multitrack interface, the double time line and the 2D simulator support the user during the planning and creation of fireworks displays perfectly synchronized with music. Thanks to the strong relation between PyroDigiT software and hardware, the creation of complex choreographies is more quick and intuitive.

Main Features

User multitrack interface 

It is the pyrodesigner's working area for the creation of the displays. This area let visualize the firing positions as tracks to place in the pyrotechnical effects. In order to organize the firing positions, it is possible to define different screensets which allow the pyrodesigner to organize in various windows the multitrack interface. For instance, the pyrodesigner can create one screen set to display only the positions/tracks for the creation of single shots choreographies.


The Arena is a tool which helps to define the firing area through the creation of firing positions characterized by a name, a location in a three-dimensional space and PyroDigiT devices. Using advanced cloning functions the pyrodesigner can speed up his work of defining the firing arena.

Effects and choreographies 

PyroShow Revolution is equipped with some advanced functions for the creation of numerous effects and choreographies that allow to take advantage of the peculiarities of the PLS15E/70P+PLS30E/45P+ and CLS30E+ units.

Double time line 

Used in the design of pyromusical displays, the double time line allows the user to perfectly synchronize the pyrotechnical effects with music through the adding of audio markers. The markers indicate some precise points within the time line. Time line is in 2 displays mode: main time line and zoomed time line.

Assisted marker detection

Once added the piece of music, it is possible to synchronize it manually or through some beat time detection tools.  Thank to the Automatic Beat Detection, the pyrodesigner can place the markers automatically, in a very fast and precise way.

2D Simulator

PyroShow Revolution is equipped with a 2D simulator to watch a show preview. There are more than 1000 2D effects models by default. It is also possible to make an export in mp4 format.


The stock management allows the pyrodesigner to check in real time the availability of each article. Advanced functions ensure the daily synchronization between the internal database and every kind of company system software optimizing management and organization times. Other simple tools ensure the import and export of all the datas.

Report and labels

There are more than 30 reports and labels that help the pyrodesigner during the delicate phase of preparation of all the material useful for the display and also during the setup of the firing area. Reports  and labels can be customized to satisfy every needs.

Double working monitor

The Software is designed to be used with 2 monitor facilitating the work of the pyrodesigner. The main monitor represents the working area: the double time line, the multitrack interface and the properties effects panel. On the secondary monitor (optional) there is the fireworks database and various auxiliaries panels which contain some information during the design of the display.