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The name of the new software of PyroDigiT is not casual, in fact Revolution reflects exactly the changing in the philosophy of the display design, but this news doesn't have to alarm the old pyrodesigners. In fact, after few hours of use of the software the user has to worry only about the aesthetics of the display, any other calculation will be treated by Revolution.

What does it mean?


Starting from the trivial thing but not so obvious, the prefire concept. Now you have only to define prefire of every shells in the database and you have not to worry about the manually counting of the instant in which you have to put the shell to sync it with music; now you just have to put it in the instant that you want to shoot it and the calculations will be done automatically.


Effects creation

Effects creation has been totally revisited; if before you had to define shot by shot each attribute, time of ignition, angle, kind of article, device, channel, etc.. now you have just to choose the position from which you want to shoot the effect and select from a list the type of effect that you want to create, (whatever is the number of shots or the angle) and the effect will be automatically generated.


Why I don't have to choose device and channel: automatic allocation

First it was necessary to define shot by shot channel and device in which insert the shell, now all this work is done automatically, in fact when you choose the position you are already to define how to allocate the effect.

Moreover, in order to make an easier preparation of the display in the factory and on the firing area, it is possible to optimize the allocation trying to group shells by some criteria like homogeneity of shell or caliber on the basis of the device.


Music sync

Besides the function of automatic recognition of markers, in the utility section which is part of the strengths of the software to speed up the designing of a display, here is the Spread function.
Thank to a simple click, the effect will be distributed moving shots in correspondence of the markers previously added.


Choreographies on a front

First the repetition of an effect in more positions was a long and boring work which could be quantified in minutes; now thanks to the Group function and the Duplicate function these operations could be quantified in seconds.



The last but not the least: the Simulator.

It's obvious how much is important today, due to the great competition, being able to achieve the absolute perfection in a pyrotechnical show and for this reason the simulator help you.

In fact, if you make a mistake during the designing phase, you have only to simulate the display and it will be immediately repaired.

The Simulator allows to create videos that can be used for promotional and commercial purposes and can be very gratifying also for the pyrodesigner who can see in real time the result of his work.